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On a final weekend of the season in most of the major leagues in Europe, there’s not much to get excited about.  Apart from a Luis Suarez hat-trick which brought Barcelona the league title, there hasn’t really been much going on.

Perhaps the most newsworthy thing to happen this weekend is occurring in the French capital, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic is right now playing his last match for Paris St Germain after four years with the club.  Initially written off as a last big pay-cheque for a player supposedly past his prime, Ibra’s move at the age of 30 years old has proved to be more successful than many would have imagined.

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While with the Qatari owned outfit, Zlatan has added to his already-significant trophy haul with no less than 4 league titles, one Coupe de France, three League Cups and three Trophee De Champions.  Individually, the accolades have been plentiful too, with the Swede being named Ligue 1 Player of the Year and Top Goalscorer in three seasons, including in his last season with the Parisians.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that the often-controversial figure’s supposed swan song has been a success, tonight’s display by the PSG fans will be enough to drill that particular point home.  There can be no doubt of the affection in which Zlatan is held by the club’s loyal following after the game was stopped in the 10th minute so the fans could give the striker a standing ovation, mirroring the displays around Europe in March following the death of Dutch great Johan Cruyff.

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It’s pretty clear, then, that the record books and the thoughts of the fans will be kind to Ibrahimovic.  Whatever you think of the man, he has brought success to whatever club he pulled on the shirt for and he’s continued this tradition in France.  While his future destination is uncertain, with destinations as varied as Milan, L.A. and Manchester being suggested, what’s clear is that Zlatan is guaranteed one last great stage on which to perform when he leads Sweden out against Rep of Ireland in June at EURO 2016.  Whatever happens, there’s no doubt Ibra will continue as he has done before – playing to the highest of standards and, perhaps more importantly, by his own rules.  His recent tweet in reference to his time at PSG will, perhaps, come to define his entire career and it’s only right to leave the last word to him.  Put in self-aggrandasing terms that only the man himself could manage to make seem endearing, he said;

See?  What else can you say?

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