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As a football blogger, you would have thought my passion for writing about the game I love would have been at it’s peak during the past 6 weeks. Watching multiple games a day, there was plenty to discuss, to mull over, to rejoice about, to get frustrated at and more.

Why didn’t I then? The simple answer? I simply wanted to live it.  To enjoy those moments with my friends and family and relive them as we discussed the games.  Payet’s goal in the opening game, Shaquiri’s overhead kick, Iceland, Wales and a number of other magical moments.

And now, with the recent attacks in France, where, at present, 84 innocent lives are known to have been lost in yet another attack on the country, I know I made the right decision.

How sad that, only days after the end of a carnival of football, where some of the best qualities the human race has to offer were on show, in that very same place, innumerable families and friends mourn those lost for reasons that will never be justified.

This is a late night ramble made because, for very selfish reasons, I felt I had to write something to feel better about what has happened.  But what I really want to say is this – enjoy life in whatever way you can. Derive pleasure from whatever you can, be it football or anything else for that matter.  Most importantly though? Tell those you love that you DO love them. Spend time with them. Never forget the important things in life – health, happiness, family and friends. There are people in Nice tonight who would give anything to have a second chance at that – so take yours while you can.

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