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A fantastic blog that expresses what football is all about. Written in the most personal of ways too – I love it!

Fede's Calcio

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By Federico Manasse (@FedericoManasse)

This article is about my father, and about how he helped me to develop my greatest passion. [With the aid of 26 great pictures]

It would be not only a cliché, but also a fat lie, if I said that I’ve been a football aficionado since day one. During my kindergarten days, some of which I remember distinctly in spite of my otherwise-awful memory, I would never even consider playing football. More than that, I would categorically refuse to join in. As a timid and quiet child, who liked drawing cartoons as opposed to toying with miniature cars, football represented everything that scared me: the physical contact, the social attention, the pressure. Little did I know that I would one day come to love these, and many other, aspects…

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